Long story short:

I am a full time mental health worker in Vancouver's DTES, professional artist, teacher of Islamic Geometric Design, dedicated musician and a nerdy freestyle skateboarder. I am also a devoted father of three super rad kids :)

Long winded explanation:


My expertise is in constructing traditional Islamic Geometric designs. I am self taught through my collection of books, YouTube, networking, and a great deal of trial and error.


I spent over a month in Fes, Morocco, apprenticing with a fantastic crew, on how to construct and utilize hand made Zillij tiles.


I am a teacher through the School of Islamic Geometric Design.

I am also an abstract artist, with a taste for cartoonish psychedelic weirdness.


I am also a proficient musician. I typically play Elektro Saz/Bağlama or guitar, but am decent at a wide variety of other string and percussion instruments. I have a band, we perform live occasionally. In the past I have released numerous records and have toured Canada and the US a few times.

The two bands of mine, that I'm most proud of, are



Cassette Merchant.



I am a pretty darn good freestyle skateboarder, which basically means that I can perform very complicated tricks on a wooden toy, that would make you mildly fascinated at best!

I have competed in all but one of the Cloverdale World Round-up Freestyle Skateboarding Competitions, all of which were in the Amateurs.

About me

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